Hell:Canto II 12-08-06 21:39
Now was the day departing, and the air,
Imbrown'd with shadows, from their toils released
All animals on earth ; and I alone
Prepaired myself the conflict to sustain,
Both of sad pity, and that perilous road,
Which my unerring memory shall retrace
Damnation 09-25-06 22:17
I finaly got the CD I ordered today and its really good. The first song really got to me. Over the course of hearing this a few times I think I got it figured out.

Blank face in the windowpane
Made clear in seconds of light
Disappears and returns again
Counting hours, Searching the night

Might be waiting for someone
Might be there for us to see
Might be in need of talking
Might be staring directly at me

Inside plays a lullaby
Slurred voice over children cries
On the inside

Haunting loneliness in the eye
Skin covering a secret scar
His hand is waving a goodbye
There's no response or action returned

There is deep prejudice in me
Outshines all reason inside
Given dreams all ridden with pain
And projected unto the last

I think its about a family. The boy is scared. The Mother is weeping. The Daughter is vengefull. And the Father has a regretable past.

This is a very strange song. Has alot of depth and emotion in it. And because Elowel is full of smart people I'm curious of you'r views and thought of this piece.

Hey all.
I'll get strait to the point of this post. A few hours ago I got back from Clackamas Town Center with two CD's in a Sam Goodie bag. I listened to the first one and it was ok. Then I listened to Porcupine Tree's new album, Deadwing, and I was blown away. Now I would try to compair this album to another but I can't think of one (besides Dark Side Of The Moon) to compair it to. This was my first exposure to Porcupine Tree and I did'nt really know what to expect. The genre was Alternative/Punk. Interesting... Just the sound was so unmatched in turms of vocals. You can tell this dude has so much to say but has to fit it into an hour long block of thoughts. Now I know some of you might get mad at this following comparison. This album sounds like if John Lennon and Pink Floyd made an album togeather (come to think of it, did John Lennon and Pink Floyd make an album togeather?). I hav'nt listened to Dark Side Of The Moon in awhile so I dont have alot to compair this to as I have already stated but I hav'nt heard an album of this caliber in quite some time. Recommended Songs: 1.Shallow 2.Lazarus 3.Arriving Somewhere (But Not Here) 4.Shesmovedon

Just figured I'd get my thoughts down somewhere. Why not Elowel.

... 07-30-06 01:20
Something happens in my life that I think is worthy of an Elowel post.

ROCKFEST 11!!!!!!!!!!!
(Note the 11 !'s)

Just got back and I'm tired. But I figure that I'd better put my thoughts of it somewhere where they can be laughed at or something. So without further banter... Sean's ROCKFEST Review!

The Bangkok Five-I didnt get to see them cus of traffic but from all the shirts and cd's they sold, I think the people liked them.

Evans Blue-I was very opinionated about this band before ROCKFEST but their preformance added some depth to their talent. For a still relativily unknown band, I think they turned alot of heads.

Floater-My biggest surprise of the show. Never heard of um. But they are local and made it to the main stage so that must mean their good right? YES! I was half expecting for them to do cheesy power balads or something along that line. But these guys were HEAVY. And the most surprising. I could relate to all of their songs. Diffently worth a download.

Buckcherry-Buckcherry. What can I say that has'nt already been said about these guys.........
Think of a super energetic 80's Hair Metal band that just sing about sex and the female body. Now take away all the big Hair and you'd have Buckcheery. Not the band I was looking forward to seeing. And their preformance didnt surprise me at all. But I did like 'Crazy Bitch' if that counts for anything.

Seether-Ahh Seether. A true Hard Rock Gem. Unfortunetly not today. Recently Seether's frontman, Shaun Morgan, admitted that he has a drinking problem and is checking into rehab (sorry if I misspelled). This was their last show this year. Don't get me wrong! Their songs were great and really got the people crazy. But... it was'nt their best. Sollum at best.

Alice In Chains-The highlight of the night! AIC came on a little late but that didnt stop them from delivering an incredable show. This was one of their first shows since reforming with new singer, William Duvall (No relation to the actor), who from a distance with sunglasses on could be mistaken for Lenny Kravitz. He did a great job making for the lack of Layne Staley's vocals RIP. But it just wasnt the same without Layne. I'm glad they are back but no one can ever replace the amount of feeling Layne put into his preformance. I can get used to this new sound from AIC.

Other then the bands its was pretty much a steriotypical Rock concert.
Bad Food.
Injury (Like at least 2 every song).
Tits (Lots).

Yall dont know what you missed.
One of the best times I've had in awhile.

Fat people at Safeway 03-27-06 22:25
Ok. Wow. I was at Safeway today and there were not 1, not 2, but 3 overweight people in those Carts the store provides. They were all in the same aisle and they were talking like normal people, but they filled up that part of the aisle. I swear to God. Do overweight people just give up and hop on the Cart's so they dont have to walk? But I guess the key's to the Cart's are just sitting there so anyone could just hop on and steal it. What I dont see is why people take time out of their lives to help these overweight people that dont care about them. I might just be being insensitive but I dont see the point.
It sucked. !!!(SPOILER)!!! They killed off Chef. NOT COOL! He was like the only reason I watched it. So now their gonna have to come up with another 70'ies icon to take the place of Issac Hays. A sad day for televison.
SPRING BREAK (finally) 03-23-06 17:02
Wow. Thank God or whoever for this break from skool. I dont know what I'm gonna do. Happy Spring Break Elowel!!!
Band Hate!!! 03-21-06 21:08
Its a fact that people can dislike u depending on the type of music u listen to. But I dont see why people take the time to insult the music u listen to. I mean, who cares? Its not like I'm gonna stop and argue with the dude about a band I like. God, people can be stupid.
Im'a so screwed!!! 03-20-06 21:08
So I just found out that my parent has my Math teacher's e-mail and can contact him whenever she wants. Why does that concern u? It dos'nt!!
But now I cant skip anymore. Shit. Plus I have a low D and I need a C or better to get my freakin Permit. Big deal to me. Peace

Listenin to:Dark Tranquillity - Lost To Apathy
Whats up 03-20-06 15:55
[My name is opethrockzorz. I'm new to elowel.] Wow. Thats the defalt message SCREW THAT. Nice site. I guess this might become a "Once and awhile" posting place. Peace