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Im'a so screwed!!!

So I just found out that my parent has my Math teacher's e-mail and can contact him whenever she wants. Why does that concern u? It dos'nt!!
But now I cant skip anymore. Shit. Plus I have a low D and I need a C or better to get my freakin Permit. Big deal to me. Peace

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Avatar sk8outsidedabox
03-20-06 22:11
Awwwhh Snaps!!
Why don't you just go to class?

And actually work.

That simple. -_-'
Avatar adrienne
03-20-06 22:18
Avatar opethrockzorz
03-20-06 22:25
No One Respects The
Im lazy and I dont understand it at all. Ive given up on Math.
Avatar volcanovixen21 *
03-20-06 22:33
Dvorak Attack
If you are lazy enough to skip classes, you deserve whatever you get.
Avatar lunchbox86
03-20-06 22:56
well if you've given up on math, then good luck getting better than a D, or graduating for that matter...

do yourself a favor and get a better grade, then you can get your permit (and latter on your license), plus next years math will be a lot easier to pass
Avatar laracroft
03-21-06 19:19
Always Try To Beat T
Actually showing up to class helps volumes. You can't really complain about a bad grade if you don't go to class and attempt to understand.
Avatar adrienne
03-21-06 20:09
who are you?

Do you go to Sandy?
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