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Band Hate!!!

Its a fact that people can dislike u depending on the type of music u listen to. But I dont see why people take the time to insult the music u listen to. I mean, who cares? Its not like I'm gonna stop and argue with the dude about a band I like. God, people can be stupid.

Avatar volcanovixen21 *
03-21-06 21:13
Dvorak Attack
I love classical music. To death. But people never cease to tell me how boring and sad it is.
Personally, I find it hilarious that my choice in music weighed so heavily on their minds that they took time to bitch at me about it.
Avatar lunchbox86
03-21-06 21:22
seems like "people are stupid" is the theme of this year
Avatar teh0mega *
03-21-06 22:21
selfcentered guy
Fuck people who critique what you enjoy, as long as it doesn't affect others.

Listen to whatever the hell you want, it's your life!
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