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The best album I have ever heard.

Hey all.
I'll get strait to the point of this post. A few hours ago I got back from Clackamas Town Center with two CD's in a Sam Goodie bag. I listened to the first one and it was ok. Then I listened to Porcupine Tree's new album, Deadwing, and I was blown away. Now I would try to compair this album to another but I can't think of one (besides Dark Side Of The Moon) to compair it to. This was my first exposure to Porcupine Tree and I did'nt really know what to expect. The genre was Alternative/Punk. Interesting... Just the sound was so unmatched in turms of vocals. You can tell this dude has so much to say but has to fit it into an hour long block of thoughts. Now I know some of you might get mad at this following comparison. This album sounds like if John Lennon and Pink Floyd made an album togeather (come to think of it, did John Lennon and Pink Floyd make an album togeather?). I hav'nt listened to Dark Side Of The Moon in awhile so I dont have alot to compair this to as I have already stated but I hav'nt heard an album of this caliber in quite some time. Recommended Songs: 1.Shallow 2.Lazarus 3.Arriving Somewhere (But Not Here) 4.Shesmovedon

Just figured I'd get my thoughts down somewhere. Why not Elowel.


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